Exclusive Mentoring Program

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Are you an awakened woman sensing you have a deeper contribution to make?

Are you ready to become the heroine of your own story?

Reserve the Queenmaker's time and attention on YOU for four months! Work together on fully embracing your feminine power and strength, and stepping out on the great journey to your destiny.

Leaning into your imagination, you'll learn to:

  • dig deeper into the integration of your mind/body/spirit

  • unlock your richest life of purpose and alignment

  • explore your desired Queendom

  • ultimately, claim your throne!

Personalized Program

Because this mentorship is exclusive and limited to just a few women, it will be tailor-made for your needs and can cover any area of your life that you want to focus on.

  • Do you need to feel differently in your own skin, connecting to your body as a vessel that you love and cherish?

    Then we'll focus energy on feminine sensuality and embodying feminine energy in way that allows you to enjoy your own mystery and pleasure.


  • Do you feel like you want to dig more deeply into your spiritual connectedness and your daily practice of drawing strength from your faith and beliefs?

    We'll explore the richness of your interior castle, where you'll form your own personal rituals and develop a more connected spiritual life.


  • Are you afraid of your own power and ability to wear the crown? Does your gut tell you that you are here for a greater purpose and that you've been playing small?

    Then we'll focus on helping you step into your greatness and capitalize on your grace, elegance, and feminine light that a Queen radiates to the world around her.


Who is it for?

This exclusive mentorship program is strictly for

committed Queens who are ready to do the work of self-actualization.

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What does it include?

The 16-week mentorship program includes:

  1. Weekly 1-on-1 "Tea Time" (via zoom) with Lady Grey to discuss your Queendom and how to make forward progress toward claiming your throne ($2400 value)

  2. Once-a-week audio recordings of Lady Grey's a new “Castle Work” guided audio meditation/visualization for you to explore and work on at your own pace ($320 value)

  3. Personal access to Lady Grey for text messaging and questions (priceless!)

  4. Monthly "Tiara Time" group coaching with other Queens

  5. An EXCLUSIVE invite to the Crowns Up! Retreat (in a real castle some time next year - TBA due to Covid) (up to $500)

Image by Alice Alinari

What are the dates for the Quest?
Autumn 2021 Queens Quest:

September 1st through December 22nd

Winter 2022 Queens Quest:
January 3rd through April 22nd


When are the Tiara Time sessions?

The group sessions for the Winter Court 2022 Queens Quest will be held Thursdays at 7 pm once a month. (1/20, 2/17, 3/17, 4/14)

Investing in Yourself

If you’re ready to begin your heroine’s journey, the personal investment is $1997 (the program is worth more than twice that). Think of it as recognition of your worth and your value... AND your incredible future as Queen. In return, you will become a part of a deeply rich and imaginative journey that is FUN and allows you to enjoy growing (and not just slogging through the hard stuff). 

Monthly payment plan are available. $200 deposit to secure your spot.

A Personal Note from Lady Grey:

I want to ensure there is an intimate group of Queens that get to know one another's queendoms and support each other’s journeys as fellow heroines. Because I am asking for a high level of commitment from Queens, I also am not taking on any new clients during this time so that I am fully available to you, too. Crowns up!

To Apply:

Please click the button below to apply.

September 2021 program is full. All applications will be for January 2022.

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