Workshops & Webinars

The School of Feminine Empowerment is an online teaching center committed to guiding women in midlife to rediscover their power and become the leaders that this world needs.

We'll “break boxes”, dream big dreams, and discover new ways of building self-worth, courage, confidence, and motivation. 

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The principles of the School are:

1) Embracing your unique identity and authentic presence.
2) Becoming a vessel of love & connection.
3) Listening to inner wisdom and finding alignment.
4) Understanding your feminine power and stepping into your greatness.
5) Dreaming of the life vision that your inner creatrix desires.
6) Charting a path of personal fulfillment and legacy-building.
7) Committing to evolution as an individual, a member of society, a voice in culture, and a leader.
8) Leveraging your unique genius to thrive in transformational leadership of women.

Live Outrageously is based on the mission that each of us has the ability and right to design and live an authentic journey of self-actualization, unconstrained by our own fears or other people’s expectations or judgment.