Sarah Flynn aka "Lady Grey"

Women's Mentor & Certified Life Coach

Full of ups and downs, my life journey has been a veritable roller coaster of successes, failures, opportunities, and roadblocks. After conquering breast cancer (twice), the desire to focus my life on helping women realize their potential became crystal clear. 


As an educator and mentor for over 30 years, I have worked with all ages, guiding people to “break out of their boxes” and discover the path to building self-worth, self-awareness, courage, confidence, and motivation. I LOVE helping women bravely take back ownership of their lives and begin to live OUTRAGEOUSLY.


"I refuse to see you as anything less than extraordinary."

You may have met other coaches who have lots of fancy modalities, methods, and tools but very little actual life experience to inform their perspective. I believe in being fully authentic and open about my own life to reinforce the idea that you get to be, too! Here are few facts about my "roller coaster ride" and ways I may have walked a mile in your shoes: 

  • I survived breast cancer... twice!

  • I was divorced after an unhappy marriage of more than ten years.

  • I didn't find the love of my life until the age of 42.

  • I am a special needs mom (aka advocate, fighter, cheerleader, emotional support blanket, and fiercely loyal friend).

  • I used to want to be a nun. Not kidding.

  • I have taught sex education and body positivity classes. (Oh, the irony of those two items one after the other!)

  • I am still on a journey of spiritual recovery from years of hypocrisy and misogyny in organized religion.

  • I was homeless and lived on the streets for nearly four months.

  • I am the proud "Fusion Mom" of five amazing children - my two teenage sons, plus my three adult stepkids.

  • I have had to fight my own PTSD and anxiety.

  • I have been an entrepreneur for almost two decades.

  • I dropped out of college and ran away from home, because I couldn't handle the pressure.

  • I taught at Penn State University. (Also ironic.)

  • I have been the victim of sexual assault.

  • I am lucky to have survived the domestic violence that I experienced.

Other fun trivia that might make you want to have coffee with me:

  • I have performed as a professional tap dancer all over the world.

  • I adore all things Parisian and plan to retire to a little flat in Paris one day.

  • I am the director and producer of a professional vaudeville troupe.

  • I have a cat named Smokey Robinson who is literally nuts. 

  • I love craft cocktails and speakeasies... and I'm fairly obsessed with the 1920s.

  • I believe in inclusion, love and respect.

  • I believe life is made of spectrums we learn to navigate, not a collection of definitive polar opposites that are exclusive. 

My Mission

I am committed to helping you grow by helping you discover your path to self-worth, self-awareness, courage, confidence, and motivation. We work together to set goals, manage stress, and make values-based decisions based to help you design a life you love.


Live Outrageously is based on the vision and mission that each of us has the ability and right to live an authentic life, unconstrained by our own fears or others' expectations.